Decentralized disease screening for pandemics and global health

Unlocking the potential of disease testing

Improvements in the field of disease testing have the potential to transform public health and emergency response. At FloodLAMP, we are working on integrated innovations in testing technology and programs for effective pandemic preparedness and response. Our open and decentralized approach has a simple goal: enable anyone or any organization to bring up affordable, effective testing that they control, and to do so within days.

New rapid molecular tests deliver all 3

Accuracy, speed, low cost: these three characteristics are essential for an effective pandemic response testing program. Slow centralized lab tests and inaccurate antigen tests should not be our only options. Fortunately, innovations in test chemistry and program design offer a path to globally scalable mass testing that delivers rapid, accurate testing results for $1 per person. FloodLAMP has deployed successful surveillance pilots organized around these principles for EMS departments, early childcare centers, municipal workforces, K-12 schools, and other organizations.

A healthier, more resilient future is possible

Effective solutions for pandemic screening can have far reaching implications, enabling proactive, preventative approaches to improving health. Testing is ultimately about information, and with more information we can stop the spread of infectious diseases and detect many chronic diseases earlier.  The need to open up access to testing is one of the key lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic. It is not only within our reach, it’s at our fingertips.

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