FloodLAMP Biotechnologies

A Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to open, mass COVID-19 screening

What if  any basic lab could screen thousands of people frequently and cheaply?

What if  this didn’t take a technological breakthrough or large amounts of money?

FloodLAMP is building out the capacity to conduct COVID screening at scale.

We are sharing protocols, how-to guides, and starter kits for others to do the same.

We will be creating screening programs for schools, businesses, essential workers, and communities in need.

Fast screening that avoids supply chain bottlenecks

An inexpensive equipment set and a protocol that utilizes reagents readily prepared in large quantities.

Community-driven adoption

Educational outreach and training that puts key how-to information in the hands of the public.

A pathway to better health outcomes

Consistent, available screening means a safer return to schools and more confidence in reopening our society. 

Open, Scalable Mass Screening

If you are a lab director, community organizer, school, company representative, or member of the press, please sign up through our Contact page. To stay up-to-date on our latest news, please sign up below.