Delivering the COVID testing we need

FloodLAMP brings rapid, high quality molecular testing to any location – your school, workplace, or community. We offer a unique suite of programs, ideal for routine assurance screening and “test to stay.” Instead of creating headaches and stress, our programs are easy to run, easy to use, and highly effective.

Turnkey end-to-end testing programs with

Rapid Results

Turnaround time of COVID screening tests is critical. Rapid results stop chains of transmission, prevent quarantines, and give us the capability to safely take our masks off. The FloodLAMP test takes 35 minutes, with program results for entire groups typically coming in 1-2 hours. Waiting 24 hours or more, especially for pooled testing, creates big problems. We are long past the point where waiting days for test results is acceptable.


Our programs are fully run on-site or near-site, at the point-of-need. This gives a flexibility only previously attainable by expensive $150+ tests. FloodLAMP enables you to:  

  • test every day after exposure or vacation;
  • extend testing to your family;
  • conveniently collect at home or on-site;
  • add-on screening to other community members and groups.


Our isothermal RT-LAMP test is high sensitivity and molecular (like PCR). This enables detection of the virus before people become infectious. Our test has shown good performance in both clinical evaluation and in real world testing. The high sensitivity of our test is important for screening programs where the goal is to find new infections early and stop spread.

In-house program

Testing you control

For organizations that want total control and flexibility, the FloodLAMP in-house program provides everything. This includes the entire setup, test kits, digital tools, training, and support needed to quickly bring up on-site testing. Our system has been adopted by EMS departments in multiple states. Our programs are providing reliable, resilient screening of first responders, finding unknown infections and keeping teams safe.

“This allows me to bring in PCR-level quality testing that we can run within an hour … So I can test thousands of people if I wanted to.”

– Dr. Peter Antevy, EMS Medical Director, City of Coral Springs, FL

Full-service program

White glove testing

For schools, companies or other organizations looking for a full-service program, we offer concierge testing services at a fraction of the cost and time required by other molecular testing providers. This can be delivered on-site to minimize delay, or near your site if preferred. We offer self or supervised collection. We also include the option to pool samples together up to 4 which is ideal for families, coworkers, or school pods. The capability to easily and cost effectively extend testing to families or students or coworkers is game changing. Most community spread of COVID-19 is in households, so testing a family together gives an early warning signal. This greatly improves the effectiveness of the screening program in protecting your group.

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Diagnostic testing is within the medical framework, with exclusive focus on the individual and gaining information for the purpose of their care as a patient. Surveillance testing looks for infection in a population or community, and has expanded greatly during the COVID Public Health Emergency. The information from surveillance testing can be used for the purpose of stopping the spread of the disease and for managing risk mitigation measures for the group, such as wearing masks. No exchange of personal health information is required for surveillance. Further, a much greater degree of flexibility in where and how it’s implemented enables programs such as FloodLAMP’s to better meet the needs of groups looking to interact safely and protect their community.

Submit the above interest form and one of our program managers will begin a conversation about which configuration makes the most sense for your testing needs. We are committed to helping you improve your people’s safety with testing. If we are not a perfect fit, we are eager to suggest other products and vendors that may be better suited to your requirements. 

If a pool is positive, we recommend immediate follow up testing of the individuals in the pool, both with our test and a diagnostic test. The exact protocol is decided by the organization, as well as which diagnostic test is used. The protocol may vary depending on the relationship of the people in the pool (i.e. whether they are family members or had exposure to each other). Follow up testing with antigen tests works well to “rule-in” an individual as positive, but because our test has higher sensitivity, we also recommend running the individuals with FloodLAMP or another molecular test.

Procedurally, when our lab staff reports a pool as positive in the system, it automatically notifies the administrators of the organization with the name and contact information for everyone in the pool. The administrators contact the individuals and instruct them on the next steps. 

FloodLAMP’s flagship test uses LAMP, which stands for loop-mediated isothermal amplification (NEB link). Like PCR, LAMP detects viral RNA and is in the class of molecular tests, or NAAT’s. When for travel or other situations require a “PCR test”, technically that means a molecular test/NAAT. The PCR reaction requires the temperature to be cycled up and down, whereas LAMP runs at a single temperature. LAMP produces 10 times the amount of DNA in 1/3rd the amount of time and because of that, LAMP can be read visually (like with our test). These features of LAMP, not needing a PCR instrument and having a visual readout, make it an ideal choice for a routine screening test that can be run anywhere, at scale and with reliable results.

Antigen test strips are a critical tool in the fight against COVID, but it’s important to be aware that they have a significantly lower sensitivity compared to molecular tests. They only work when high levels of virus are present and people are usually already infectious. Antigen tests are convenient and give rapid results. They are well suited for on-the-go use and for confirming positives when people are symptomatic. A negative result on an antigen test though should be taken with a grain of salt and not relied upon for high consequence situations. There are cases of people testing negative by antigen test in the morning and then being superspreaders in the evening. Our programs have caught positive cases that antigen tests missed that same day. For a screening program, they need to be used every day, which is how they are approved by the FDA (though this is not well understood and usually not done). Antigen tests cannot be pooled. They can be cumbersome for group screening programs because they either require the participants to take the time and responsibility to run themselves, or the program needs to commit large amounts of labor to run the test strips and get timely results. 

We think that a test profile like what we’ve developed with FloodLAMP is the best of both worlds, combining the performance of molecular with the speed, convenience and low cost of antigen tests.