Dedicated to expanding access to inexpensive, scalable, COVID screening

We’ve put together the technical, regulatory, and logistical pieces to massively scale testing. Our approach combines:

Ultra-cheap test chemistry

Our test is fast and cost-effective but doesn’t compromise on reliability or sensitivity.

Instrument-free scaling

There are no specialized machines or instrumentation used for FloodLAMP—just basic lab equipment. This means testing can be massively scaled without the typical barriers and capital costs.

Distributed sample pooling

Enables collection of massive numbers of samples, with on-site and at-home pooling.

Open Source Protocol Tests

Instead of secret ingredients, we fully disclose all of the components of our tests to labs. By using off-the-shelf chemicals and reagents that are available in abundant supply, we enable access to high quality, validated tests at the lowest cost. We’re following in the footsteps of the first Open Protocol EUA, SalivaDirect.

Join our growing coalition of scientific collaborators, impact investors, and corporate partners in support of widely accessible COVID-19 public health testing.

Visual, instrument-free readout

Who we are

We are a Public Benefit Corporation deploying disruptive, decentralized, locally controlled molecular testing, for COVID-19 and beyond.