Who we are

Our mission is to enable globally scalable mass disease screening, for COVID-19 and beyond.


We are a Public Benefit Corporation focused on bringing to market a key capability that can help control the spread of this virus: affordable, distributed molecular testing. For many reasons, the molecular diagnostics industry and clinical lab business have not been able to meet this need at scale throughout the pandemic. At FloodLAMP, we have innovated on multiple fronts to create a best-of-class platform through:

  • careful selection of the test chemistry (RT-LAMP),
  • operationally efficient program design,
  • a focus on user experience,
  • integration with powerful digital tools.

We believe that molecular diagnostics should be a universally accessible global public health tool and have submitted our tests to the FDA as open source protocols, a revolutionary new paradigm to unlock the space. Our very successful COVID surveillance programs are operating in 3 states, protecting first responders, city workers, and school kids and their families. We are actively recruiting to quickly expand our programs. To find out more or to get involved, reach out to us at [email protected].


Founder & CEO

  • Founder of True Materials Inc. – Acquired by Affymetrix
  • VP of R&D at Affymetrix
  • Founder of Focus on Foundations, a STEM education nonprofit

Kevin Schallert

Chief Operating Officer

  • Co-Director, covid19sci.org National Scientist Volunteer Database
  • Founder & COO of VineEye

Program Medical Director

  • EMS Medical Director, City of Coral Springs, FL
  • Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Pediatric Emergency Standards, Inc.

Automation and workflow improvement

  • Current Associate Director, Atreca Inc.
  • Former Pilot Production Manager, Affymetrix

UX/Design Lead

  • Former Uber, R/GA, New Relic

Lab Assistant

Scientific Advisory Board

  • SalivaDirect
  • Genoa Ventures

Industry Advisors

  • Biotechnology Group Head at William Blair
  • Asymmetry Capital, former MDx Analyst at Wedbush
  • Oxford Internet Institute, Blue Field Labs, ID2020