FloodLAMP and Carillon

Testing Schedule
  • Monday, 2/7/22 – Return samples to Carillon by 9am.
  • Thursday, 2/10/22  – Return samples to Carillon by 9am.
  • Monday, 2/14/22 – Return samples to Carillon by 9am.
  • Thursday, 2/17/22  – Return samples to Carillon by 9am.
  • Sunday, 2/27/22 – Return samples to Carillon by 4pm.
  • Thursday, 3/3/22  – Return samples to Carillon by 9am.
  • Further dates to be added as we assess the local conditions.
Returning samples
  • If you miss the collection pick up by a few minutes, text Theresa (number on the drop box) and we can probably get you in.
  • Samples should not be collected more than 24 hours prior to pick-up.
  • Pool your samples (up to 4 swabs per tube) if you are submitting samples for other members of members of your household.
  • Scan and record your samples using the FloodLAMP app. You can see in the Status list of the app when the test session is complete.
  • Do not write your name on the sample return bag.
  • If you suspect your sample may be positive, please write “Suspected positive” on the return bag and isolate. Do not contribute to your family pool.
  • Please try not to add samples with noticeable blood – only a low nasal swab is needed, it’s more important to press the swab along the sides of the nostril than to insert it deeply.
  • Samples must be returned to the FloodLAMP dropbox in the Carillon breezeway.
Returning from quarantine
  • Children may resume school after 2 negative antigen tests after infection (start testing a week after positive) or 14 days.
  • After a confirmed positive and recovery, there can be a 90 day testing “holiday.”
General guidelines
  • We cannot provide individual diagnostic results (positive, negative).
  • If your sample is negative, you will not be notified. FloodLAMP testing operates under the regulatory framework of “surveillance” testing, where positives are referred to follow up diagnostic testing and negatives are not notified. FloodLAMP will call and text the referrals quickly, typically within 5-10 minutes of completing the test.